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Bound by desperation a young man searches for a better way of life for his wife and unborn son. A man with the heart of a lion who along the course of his mission gets entangled with the wrong people, doing the wrong things and ultimately faces the consequences – including the ultimate consequence. A provocative story not just about “that life” but about moral principles, family, and the pains of trying to escape a certain fate.

"Lives of Wolves" The highly anticipated GK Studios feature film is coming Fall 2023 to select theaters and on all major streaming platforms. With a star-studded cast starring Mell Bowser also in "Judas and the Black Messiah". Directed by Juan "Pedatru" Telsede of Tru Eye Media. Executive Producer Mell Bowser. Starring Melissa Blanco, Bobby Lavigne, Frankie Joe Galvez, China Blackk, BeenLit, Drew Meredith, James McDonald, Luis Codiz, Sam Squee, Keith Gibbs, Husla Made, N.A. Tre and many more! 

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